Short CV

Christos Dimitriou

I was born in Limnos and work as a photographer in Thessaloniki, Greece.
I take photos since 1989.
I attended seminars with Costis Antoniadis, Stratos Kalafatis, Giorgos Yatromanolakis.


  • 1st jury prize at the Ioannina International Photographic Festival Photometria 2012 (borders)
  • 1st prize at the International Hellenic University 2012 (Thessaloniki, Views and Perspectives of a City)


  • Collective exhibition “Anthropause”,  MOMus- Musum 2020 Thessaloniki museum of photography
  • Personal exhibition “Osmosis” project, Parallel Voices, Photometria festival, May 2018, Ioannina
  • “In blue” Collective exhibition Apothiki Limnos Gallery, August 2018 Limnos
  • “The City in Black and White”, Hionidis mankind, December 2010, Thessaloniki
  • “Street life”, Photometria Photo Festival, May 2011, Ioannina
  • “Steet life”, The Art Foundation taf, Monastiraki, June 2011, Athens
  • “Off plan”, Long room gallery, October 2011, Athens”Thessaloniki as it is”, TOSS Gallery, September 2011, Thessaloniki
  • “Vogue’s fashion night out”, Punto Es, October 2011, Thessaloniki
  • “Photo Parallels”, On the roof gallery, October 2011, Athens
  • “Land.escapes”, Punto Es, December 2011, Thessaloniki
  • “Land.escapes”, ZEIDOROS Gallery, August 2012, Kythira

Published work

  • Participation in the collective project “Photographic Parallels” 2011
  • Participation in Luminous Eye zine #9
  • Laporello Edition Postcards “Greetings From Limnos”

Together with Yiannis Ioakeimidis we published the following photo zines:

  • “Sunday Morning” April 2022
  • “Saturday Night Fever” June 2022
  • “Any Wednesday” September 2022


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Warranty limited

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Greetings from Limnos

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Rhapsody λ

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